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My TVC Million Dollar Matrix Story and 
how it CHANGED my life!

"To accomplish great things, 
we must dream as well as act"
              Anatole France
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Charlotte's childhood home
It doesn't matter where you started from.  It doesn't matter who you are.  All that matters is that YOU have a dream and you never give up or let anyone else steal it. 
At the Beach with the Watts
Today we live where we want.  The lake, on the ocean, in the mountains...all options we have.  Time freedom, financial freedom...PRICELESS!
About C Marketing Associates, Inc.
Everyone looking at an opportunity today has a story titled, "WHY"?  My why came from necessity.  Prior to 1990 I had my own successful business.   

I grew up on a farm in Southeast Missouri.  After graduating, farm life was not for me.  I  found myself working in secretarial positions and even in banking, always finding some way to upgrade my position. My first 'working' career as a secretary that looked like it had a promising future was with SWBT.  1986 brought Federal Changes and finding myself with a pink slip one Friday due to our office being phased out, my hopes were shattered.
Then, I was broadsided in a car accident. In less that 15 seconds everything changed. I was unable to work for almost a year. I lost my business, my home and nearly lost my life. At the end of the year I knew I was never going to be able to continue in the career choice I had made. A shift in style made everything obsolete.  All was lost and what was left fit into the back seat of my car. I was on my last payment with $50 total cash left to my name. All my credit cards were maxed at about $75,000 with no more what I call credit card roulette; moving funds from one card to another to pay the payment.

Thank God for answered prayers.  I asked to be able to find something that would keep me from ever going back to another time like this and if possible, a way to help others never have to experience this pain of loss.  When a door opens, you have to be willing to turn lose of the door frame and walk through!   
For the past 20+ years I have been in the six figure income category.  Do you want to be the next group of TVC millionaires?  Then contact me for more information.  Your future awaits!
Interested in learning more?
Are you really serious about making a change?  Being serious means you are willing to make a commitment and take action.  If that is you, then call me.  I only work with serious minded business people